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who's who?


The`usual suspects `Oumou and Aminata', or rather Alinta and Aukje?


   With an old blue van driving from their former hometown Amsterdam (The Netherlands) to Bamako was part 1 of the plan. It worked. A trip of a lifetime. 8000 kilometers through 9 beautiful countries. We will tell you all about it if you would like to know.

   Part 2 was finding a location to meet with the ideas we had in mind. Spotting the yellow house situated in the center of Bamako wrapped it up very quickly.

   This was what we have been looking for.

   Part 3 was getting the place ready to open up. Three months of hard work, discussions, many ups and some downs. To be short, let’s say it was challenging, but we made it.

   Part 4 was opening up! You are more than welcome to stay as our guests in the little hotel, to taste our coffee or have lunch in the salon the cafe.

   We hope to see you soon!

Aukje & Ogo

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